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Become an Albion Junior Coach


Prospective Albion Juniors’ Coaches, 

What to look for in a Micro Junior Soccer Program

When searching for a developmental program for your player, one of the most critical components is finding an organization with a sound philosophy for developing technical and tactical skills that are age appropriate. It is also important to find a coaching staff that has the knowledge and expertise to work with the younger player. An appropriate training program that places your player in a training environment that ensures fun and proper fundamental development is also very important. Albion Juniors is under the guidance of USSF Nationally licensed Director, Dan Raeihle. He has been a player, coach and trainer for over 20 years and distinguished himself as an enthusiastic and leading youth soccer coach!


Our Youth Program

The ALBION JUNIORS—Professional Development Program for the Junior Player is designed to give your child the opportunity to build a solid foundation in technical development in the very early years of playing and enjoying the game of soccer. ALBION JUNIORS program serves as an introductory and advanced path for 3—7 aged soccer players. 


The uniqueness of our program is that we have devised an In-House, non-travel program professionally coached by and organized for ages 3, 4, 5, 6 & 7 year olds. As an organization, we want to do more for our junior recreational players so we devised the dual path where the junior player can advance through the Juniors’ program and when reaches the U8 age there will be a choice to either play on the PSL recreational side or Albion SC competitive side of our organization. Either path will be well worth it! We, Albion SC and PSL together, are committed to providing a fun, educational, and progressive experience for your youth soccer players. In fact not only are we committed to our youth players, but we also have a wonderful comprehensive coaching education curriculum and mentorship program specifically for Albion Juniors. Come out and experience what no other club in the San Diego area offers! 


Albion Juniors’ Volunteer Coaches

As a volunteer coach for the Juniors program you will be provided an Albion Juniors Core Curriculum, coaching seminars, match coaching on Saturdays, weekly training sessions with our Professional Trainers to assist and hone your Albion Juniors coaching skills, Albion SC official coach T-Shirt, fun and camaraderie.  



We’re looking for coaches that want to make a difference for our youth. Experience is not required, just enthusiastic, dedicated, and caring people. As a volunteer coach you have the opportunity to give back to the community and truly make a difference in young lives. The benefits received by the children are only the beginning; the benefits you receive are just as profound and can be life changing. You will have years of memories while being role model, teacher, and motivator. The friends and people you and the children / players meet many times become friends for life.
Fill out the following forms and either Mail or Email them:
Mailing Address:
Albion Juniors
1666 Garnet Ave. #1022
San Diego, CA 92109
Email to:

Cal South “KIDSAFE” Risk Management Program: Albion SC will require that all Coaches have a current Risk management Card in compliance with the Cal South “KIDSAFE” Risk management program.

  • Administrators / Coaches only have to be fingerprinted once for the lifetime of their involvement in Cal South Soccer. 
  • Through the California DOJ subsequent arrest notification program, Cal South retains the ability to screen subsequent arrest activity & make decisions towards keeping KIDSAFE

Cal South shall register only persons who comply with KIDSAFE as a Program Administrator. In this regard, a Program Administrator is defined as: State, district, league, club officials and program directors, team managers, registered team parents, athletic trainers, coaches, assistant coaches and substitute coaches, and anyone else who has an official capacity in the soccer program For more information visit 



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