Director of Coaching

Director of Coaching - Albion Juniors




Oscar Cisneros was born and raised in Durango City, Mexico. He grew up playing soccer in Mexico, where he spent 5 years as a youth player with Club de Fútbol Alacranes de Durango. He went on to play in various youth soccer leagues in Mexico, where he won national titles for his hometown, Durango City. Cisneros moved from Mexico to the United States at age 17 where he continued his soccer journey playing as a senior at Grant High School in Van Nuys, CA. Following high school, he attended Cal State Northridge, where he obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree in graphic design.

Coach Oscar has extensive coaching experience at the youth level. In 2015 he formed Durango Soccer League for young recreational players and grew his organization to 350 players. In early 2017 – seeing the opportunity to be part of a larger elite soccer organization - Coach Oscar merged Durango Soccer League into Albion SC – Las Vegas where he serves as Director of Coaching for Albion Juniors.

Cisneros' coaching philosophy is simple: “I want to teach kids and foster their passion for the sport. I enjoy helping them go to the next level. As in life, in soccer you don't wait for opportunity, you create it by working hard, discipline, being fearless, and learning from winning and losing. Success is not an accident!"

Oscar and his wife Lesly are parents to Bruno ('Albion SC 2010 Academy) and Luccas ('14 Albion Juniors)