Who is Albion SC South?

Albion SC South will be a Satellite Club in South bay or an extension of Albion SC that will mirror Albion SC with the club model, coaching curriculum and opportunities to train with top professional staff.

Is Albion SC South a new Club?

Albion SC South is not a new club just an extension of Albion SC, simply adding players and teams to the existing structure of Albion SC, but will be from a satellite location.

Why is Albion SC South starting?

Albion SC South is starting due to the demand from coaches, players, and teams that want to play with Albion SC. Albion SC will develop the players and provide a platform of opportunities that will help players get to the next level.

Where will Albion SC South be located?

Albion SC South will have one main facility that all players and teams will train at. This site is still being finalized and will be announced soon.

What is the structure of Albion SC South?

Albion SC has a structure of Development, Advancement, and Placement. Right now the focus will be to start the Development program and begin the Advancement Program at Albion SC South, which means U8-U10 and U11-U14. We may allow other age groups to form, but will need to evaluate it one team or one player at a time. We want to have this program run with the same quality and integrity of Albion SC so we will start small and develop the best program.

What is the goal?

The goal of Albion SC South is to have things set up very similar to Europe in that you have a professional club with satellite clubs developing players and in this case it is Albion SC with satellite clubs developing and identifying top players.  With Albion SC South we see the development of players occurring and systematically having those players join Albion SC as they grow up and start within Albion SC South. In addition, we see a great need within South Bay to have a professionally run club with very high standards and top level coaching and we aim to be that club that many desire.

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