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Albion Juniors is a non-profit organization that solely relies on volunteer coaches in order to function successfully. Thanks to those who have generously donated their time, Albion Juniors has become one of the most successful recreational youth soccer organizations in our area. The role of the coach is crucial as this is the stage where most players will learn to fall in love with the game and establish basic soccer habits. If you are apprehensive about coaching because you believe you have to be an “expert” in soccer, please know that we provide a formal curriculum and coaching for coaches so you do not have to worry about “not knowing how to coach.” Contrary to what you might think, an understanding of children and how to teach is often more important than the knowledge of the game. The truth is if you have a desire to give back to your community and the ability to positively motivate children and teach them teamwork and sportsmanship, you are qualified! 

Coach Requirements: 

  • Commit to coach 8 weeks of practices and games, with an additional 2 weeks of practice before the season officially starts 
  • Required Weekly Time Commitment – 1 to 3 total volunteer hours per week, consisting of 1 game on Saturday and practice once or twice a week 
  • Background check – performed on all new coaches 
  • Be a good role model 
  • Communicate appropriately with children while also being encouraging 
  • Communicate appropriately with children while also being encouraging 

Benefits of being a Coach: 

  • Day(s), time, and location of the practices are selected by YOU and based on YOUR availability. 
  • If you are a returning coach (2nd season or more) and you register during Early Registration, your child’s registration fee will be waived. (If you have additional children signed up, those registration fees will not be waived since you are not the coach of that team.) 
  • You get to spend valuable time with your child, make memories, and teach them a new skill while having fun. 

Coach Provisions by Albion Juniors:

  • Albion Juniors COACH T-shirt that can be worn at games and/or practices 
  • Albion Juniors hat 
  • Albion Juniors bag 
  • Whistle
  • Cones – to set up various drills, mark the perimeter of the “field” at practice, etc. 
  • A free Albion soccer ball 
  • Coach packet with a roster and information about field size, number of players on a field, ball size, size of the field, soccer rules, fields reserved for practices/games, picture day information, etc. 
  • Online videos of various drills from our curriculum that you can teach to your players 

Optional Items You May Want To Have (not requirements): 

  • Goal with a net – some coaches opt to purchase an appropriately-sized goal to make it easier for children to practice with. Others use cones for the same purpose. The choice is up to you. 
  • An additional ball or two – sometimes a child may forget their ball and/or a ball is flat. Having an extra ball can resolve this issue 
  • Hand pump – when a ball goes flat, it can be helpful to have a hand pump nearby to quickly pump it up. 


To register as a coach, please click the registration link below.


2019/2020 Age Group Chart 
Laws of the Game
Snack Schedule
Parent Volunteer Sign Up Sheet
Preferred Vendor Program
U4-U6 Rule Book
U7 Rule Book
U8-9 Rule Book
U10-U11 Rule Book
Albion Juniors Volunteer Application form
Albion Juniors Certificate of Achievement


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If you have any additional questions about the Albion Juniors program, please check out our FAQ page . If you do not find the answers to your questions there, please contact: Albion Juniors  
(702) 750-3160 – ext. 2 



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