College Placement Program (15-U19)

The Albion SC College Placement Program leads the way in college preparation and showcasing and preparing the Albion SC player for future opportunities. The entire focus of the Placement Program is to prepare and showcase players to play at the high school, college, and professional level. 


We believe that majority of a player’s success will be a result of what happens in training and with that we create an environment for training that resembles college sessions and fosters a very competitive environment. This will best prepare the player and result in him/her being ready to show well on game day and ultimately being prepared for the college game. 


The club has a dedicated Director who oversees the college recruitment process for each player and sets up the entire college program for the club. This includes college night, college profiles, individual and team meetings, college team camp, and traveling with teams to college showcase events.


The Placement Program involves all of its teams in additional playing opportunities such as: College Showcase Tournaments/ ID Camps, CSL Premier, WCDA, FWRL, and US National League as vehicles to better support the goals of the players, teams, and club. These opportunities will provide more than enough exposure opportunities and high level games to give the players what they need to be successful.


Our goal is to graduate every Albion SC player first to college for their education and then to secure a college that they can continue to play the game at the college level.