Advancement Program (U11-U14)

The Albion SC Advancement Program is the area of the program that challenges players to grow technically, tactically, and mentally. We foster a very competitive environment within training to allow players to compete and raise their level of play. We want players and teams moving up the ladder in a very progressive manner and understanding the challenges and demands needed to play soccer at this level. 

Within the Advancement Program there is a very detailed curriculum that standardizes the development of the players at these ages and prepares the players for the Placement Program.  Players come into the Advancement program at U11 ready to learn the 11 v 11 game and start competing at higher levels and finish at U14 ready to make their High School team, eventually a college team and have been conditioned to compete and have a strong understanding what they need to give to the sport if they are going to continue to succeed.

The Advancement Program offers many layers of additional training as part of the program which include: Academy Training, Academy Elite Training, Forward Functional Training, Defensive Functional Training, and leadership training.

While the Development program is the foundation of the program, the Advancement Program is where players really establish themselves in the sport and set themselves up to move into the Placement Program and showcase their talents.

The Advancement Program will really accelerate a player and team and offer the player many opportunities to further their game