The Albion Program is for the serious soccer player and is designed for accelerated player development. The players are challenged to be competitive, have a desire to win, continually work on bettering their skills, and have a solid foundation of soccer. The teams are paired with qualified coaches and are trained in a professional manner. We constantly strive to enhance the players "tools of the game" such as: passing, dribbling, trapping, shooting, and goalkeeping.

Because competitive soccer is broken into different divisions of play, such as AA-B, AA-A, AAA and Premier, this program instills winning as one of our main goals to advancement to a higher division. The players will learn to compete for playing time, understand positions, and learn how to be team players. Attitude and work ethic are points of emphasis since these are important to competitive soccer as well as life. The teams will have 2 training sessions weekly with an optional third session, which will specialize generally on speed of play and possession. They will play in the Presidio Soccer League or Coast Soccer League and travel throughout San Diego and Southern California. In addition, the teams will participate in competitive tournaments for additional games/experience throughout the preseason and post season.  All of our teams from U9 and above will compete in the State Cup.  Additionally, all of the U12 Premier teams and above will dedicate themselves to Regional travel and as the teams reach U14 they will begin National and International travel.

The Albion Soccer Club understands that our players cannot achieve a high level of performance or success without a sound foundation. The Albion program is committed to the development of a technical player.  Having technically sound players allows the player and the teams to dictate what they want to do with the ball. The development program focuses on individual skills that will be incorporated into a team oriented game at a later time. First, each player will learn the Albion Core Curriculum along with the fundamentals of soccer: passing, dribbling, trapping, and shooting.  From this foundation, players are guided to higher levels of team play with tactical discussions and strategies. If we succeed in developing the technically advanced player, the Albion Soccer Club will be successful, not only on the soccer field but also in helping these young people grow and develop as individuals.

Proper development of each player in our program will prepare them to learn and execute the “Albion style” of play… a style of play that is possession oriented, builds out of the back, and features attacking wide. This style requires technical and tactical subtlety and sophistication from the individual player.

The Albion curriculum recognizes the four essential components of the "complete player": technical, tactical, physical, and psychological. In our curriculum, our players will develop these components throughout all three levels of our program.


The Albion Soccer Club is committed to providing the best possible environment for our members as individuals and players, alike. We will commit to the each and every individual within Albion and will work to develop each player with a passion and desire that is instilled in each of the Albion Coaches. We are all dedicated to success....for our players, their teams, and our Club.

We extend our best wishes for success to each participant and a warm welcome to the Albion Soccer Club.