Albion Juniors Parent & Me Soccer Program




The Albion Juniors Program is an amazing way for your child to learn and enjoy the game of soccer. But what about those younger siblings who graze the sidelines longing to play? We have come up with a fantastic way to get the little ones involved at an early age. Albion Juniors has created the Parent & Me Soccer Program.


Young toddlers will be taught skills based upon the needs and capabilities of each individual child. As an introduction to soccer for our youngest players, the Albion Juniors Parent & Me Soccer Program is based on a fun and positive curriculum that promotes skills development and cognitive ability with entertaining activities. Kids will have fun learning basic soccer skills, such as chasing, running, kicking and listening, always adapted to their age. We will use several tools to learn and have fun, including ribbons, parachutes, obstacle courses, hoops, etc. There is no need to worry about competition or any kind of pressure, as the children will progress at their own pace.


Keep in mind that soccer is the most appropriate sport for this age. Kicking a soccer ball is the next natural gross motor skill leading on from walking/running. Most importantly, this is a program with the ultimate goal of having fun while taking care of our little ones. One huge bonus to this program is that your child will start developing the strength and abilities to become healthy athletes and happy children.


Classes will be 40-45 minutes long, every Saturday morning during our Spring & Fall season. Adult participation is required for each class, and, if you feel like you have something to share as part of this program, please contact us as Albion Juniors Parents & Me Soccer Program is always looking for volunteers.


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